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Can I see some ID? November 9, 2008

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At the grocery stores here, they have little miniature carts for kids to push while their parents shop. The little carts are adorable, but giving a three-year-old a metal contraption with wheels that hits at shin level just seems like a bad idea. Mostly, the collisions happen with other carts, though I have had to move my legs out of the path of out of control mini cart drivers.The parents tend to look horrified. I make sure to laugh and tell them their child is cute. I am universally amused by the little children and their carts, despite the havock they sometimes wreak.

None amused me more than the little girl I saw pushing a tiny cart in the grocery store yesterday. Usually, the mini carts are empty, or hold a few items that the child has grabbed off low shelves. But this little girl, no older than four, was pushing two bottles of wine.