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Soda Galletas and Sprite September 18, 2008

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I will not subject you to the details of the past two days. Let me say that any day that involves laying on the bathroom floor cannot be counted a success. Ahem.

Looking back, it is mind boggling that I even tried to go to campus two days ago. In the morning, signs were pointing to mild but very manageable symptoms of illness. Things did not progress to “praying for death” level until much later in the day. When Manuel, a staff member, came to pick us up in the morning, I was all ready with my lunch packed. We got into the car and told him we were short one girl because she was feeling sick, and to be honest, we were a teeny, tiny bit sick, too. And that was it. He basically pushed us back into our house. We were going nowhere. We needed rest. It turns out that he was very right.

Group sickness really is a bonding experience. The guys were finally well enough to hang out at our house today. We talked illness for over an hour, recounting symptoms and referencing WedMD. As it turns out, as far as food sickness is concerned, WebMD only cares that you stay hydrated. Unless there is blood or paralysis, you should suck it up and drink some Pedialyte*. This was something of a relief, since it meant I wouldn’t need to leave my bed or explain my symptoms–in Spanish–to a health professional. But it was also slightly disappointing, because…really? I’m not dying? I kind of feel like I’m dying.

At this very moment, the conversation downstairs is pondering whether the whole team would go home if one of us died. Which should give you a sense of how we’ve fared in the past two days. I think it also gives a sense of where we’re at now. We’ve been in the trenches. We can still joke about death, meaning that none of us were actually very close to it at all. We’re happy. We’re marginally healthy. We’re speculative about what did us in. My money is on the cilantro. Seriously, it’s like lettuce but with more crevices. We’re telling war stories and feeling so unbelievably grateful for one another. And indoor plumbing. I’m so grateful for indoor plumbing.

*How is it possible that Pedialyte tastes so bad? I mean, kids drink it. With that audience I guess I just thought it would be a less offensive beverage. I will never force Pedialyte on my children.


One Response to “Soda Galletas and Sprite”

  1. Xtina Says:

    Brenna, I could’ve told you cilantro was bad news bears. Why don’t you ever listen to my wisdom??

    And oh man! It sounds like your guys’s experience was so similar to ours– I definitely curled up on my East Asian bathroom floor and tried to sleep for a half hour in between vomiting episodes at one point…

    But YAY! PTL that you guys are feeling better. :o) Love you so much!

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