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Sunday School in Three Acts August 10, 2008

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1. Proposal

Madeline: “Teacher Brenna, Brayden won’t marry me!”

Teacher Brenna: “Umm…I’m sorry.”

Madeline: “But I want to marry him and he won’t let me.”

Teacher Brenna: “That’s too bad, sweetie. I’m afraid I can’t really make him marry you.”

Madeline: “But I want him to.”

Teacher Brenna: “…”

2. Abuse*

Emily *crying*: “Sara kicked me in the head!”

Teacher: “Sara, did you kick Emily in the head?”

Sara: “Yes.”

Teacher: “Please come apologize.”

Apology, hugs, etc.

Five minutes later:

Bethany: “Emily, Sara didn’t mean to kick you in the head. It was an accident. See, she just put her foot out like this *holds foot out from playground equipment.*”

Emily: “No, she went like this *stands above Sara, foot poised in kicking position.*”

Teacher: “Woah! And no, not safe.”

3. Distraction

Teacher: “And then Ruth followed the workers and picked up the extra barley that fell on the ground…Madeline, where are you going?”

Madeline: “I’m going to get a book to read.”

Teacher: “Sit, please. We can read a book after story time.”

Madeline: “No.”

*Names changed to protect the guilty.


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