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21st Century Family July 20, 2008

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Kelly and I were on Skype the other night, testing out my new web cam. Which of course involves giving my sister a remote view of the inside of my mouth. I still think Skype is kind of freaky. Probably because I’m not so good at hanging up. I ended my call with Kelly, only to hear her singing along with my cell phone ring about a minute later. “Ahhhhh! You’re still there?” “Yup.”

Since I had failed at hanging up, I figured I’d just invite Matt to join us on Skype, and soon we had an entertaining conference call going. My dad was down in San Diego with Kelly for her graduation, so he was in the background of her side of the conversation. Molly would occasionally walk into my room and join the banter on my end. Matt’s mom and dad came in and out, adding a couple more voices at different points.

At some point in the conversation, Molly left for the store. About twenty minutes later, Kelly asked, “Do you need milk?” “What? Me?” I asked. “Ya, does your house need milk?” “Um, ya, I guess we are almost out,” I answered, unsure about this sudden interest in our dairy supply. “Okay, Molly’s on the phone with dad and she was wondering.” So, just to clarify, that request for milk traveled through three different parties, at two different locations, before reaching Molly at the grocery store. I just love all the little ways that technology streamlines our lives.


One Response to “21st Century Family”

  1. bleachusd Says:

    Haha, that’s so great. It was lovely seeing you on Skype the other day Brenna. (I was in the other room.)

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