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Sunday School July 14, 2008

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This week I finally felt like I was getting a handle on teaching Sunday School. By the end of the class each of the kids could recite the verse and tell me what the story was about. Of course, it helped that there were only four kids. But three of those were boys who would spend the whole class building guns and jumping off the shelving units if I let them. During story time, they each got to hold a “quiet zucchini,” which had to stay near someone who was quiet and sitting on the rug. I was actually really surprised that one worked.

We’re still working on not jumping off of tables, chairs, and toy trucks. I’ve been using “safe is______,” a lot. “Safe is not throwing toys.” “Safe is sand in the sandbox.” “Safe is feet on the floor.” Halfway through class, as Toby was poised to fling himself from the window of the playhouse, I gave him a look and said, “Toby, safe.” The little boy next to him shouts, “Safe is feet on the floor!”

Gun building activities are only avoided when there is a game or craft interesting enough to hold the attention of all the boys. It doesn’t bother me too much, although I’d rather not have the parents walk in on an all out gun battle at the end of Sunday School. I walked over to the block area, also known as the gun factory, and heard this conversation:

Toby: “My gun is bigger than an ANT!”

Troy: “Well, my gun is bigger than an ANTEATER!”

But my favorite interchange came during snack time when my co-teacher told the class that she has seven guinea pigs living in her room at home. Troy stared at her for a moment, then said, “Do they freak you out?”


2 Responses to “Sunday School”

  1. cavtecsol Says:

    Even though I heard all this in person, I still liked reading it.

  2. Mom Says:

    Too funny!!!

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