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Mermaid Doctor July 3, 2008

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In high school, I helped out with a set of teeny, tiny triplets. Each of them had ears the size of my thumbnail when I started out feeding bottles and changing diapers. They are just as cute now, but not quite so little. Now they are five year olds who can ride bikes and swim. I’ve been taking each of them out on separate adventures, because we rarely get to spend time one-on-one. I told them they could go wherever they wanted, which has yielded two trips to Jamba Juice, and two trips to a water fountain at the beach. The fountain is the kind that shoots streams of water out of the ground on a cycle. We play with it kind of like whack-a-mole, guessing which holes will spout water next, then jumping to cover those holes.

Probably the most fun part is getting to join in on whatever they want to do. It’s amazing how well behaved kids are when they get to make all the choices. With three five year olds, there is a certain amount of necessary structure that just has to happen. With one kid, one adult, and no time frame, Sam is free to decide that he wants to climb over piles of rocks all the way down the beach, or walk on the edges of all the planters.

It’s also pretty entertaining just to listen. Today I learned that Quinn wants to be a mermaid doctor someday. I guess she should be commended for wanting to work with such an under-served population. I also learned why fire is orange: “Because God made it that way.” Hmm, it appears that some children have been asking a lot of questions lately.


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