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The Book Fairy July 2, 2008

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My mom has adopted a little boy my younger sister babysits for as a kind of pseudo grandchild. As a former first grade teacher, and children’s book store worker, my mom has an inordinante love of children’s books. I don’t remember my parents ever giving into whines for candy at the grocery store or toys at Target. I also don’t remember ever being denied a book. Now that the youngest “child” at our house is 18, Cayden is the new target of her children’s book addiction. I’m not exactly sure where she gets all these books. My sister says she scans thrift stores for our childhood favorites. Perhaps friends with kids my age are dumping their book collections. Whatever her supply, Cayden somehow ends up with a new book or two a week.

Last week, my mom was on training retreat before leaving on a trip to Turkey. Cayden’s mom was in charge of this training, so he came to visit the first day. He walked in with his dad, saw my mom across the room, and shouted, “THE BOOK FAIRY!”

Maybe we should get her a wand.


3 Responses to “The Book Fairy”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love your blog. And I’m self-centered enough to especially love a post about myself. I like the way you tell the story.

  2. Xtina Says:

    Oh man this story makes me laugh! Looks like you need to get crackin’ on having those grandchildren so Mom has someone else to buy books for…

  3. Randa Says:

    Cayden does indeed love the Book Fairy. His favorite book right now is Rainbow Fish, but I am sure once the book fairy returns from Turkey with another book, that will become his favorite. We all love the Book Fairy. I actually wish I had my own personal book fairy – but the library will have to do…..for now.

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